Add a Novel to Lorehaven Library

The Lorehaven Library lists any novel that fulfills these criteria.

  1. Books must be based on a Christian worldview. For clarification, see our Faith Statement.
  2. Novels must include fantastical (or speculative) genres. These include, but are not limited to: fantasy, science fiction, supernatural/horror, paranormal, and alternate history.
  3. All novels must be complete and published.
  4. Acceptable books can be from any publishing company.
  5. We accept submission of self-published novels. However, if your novel is self-published, we especially recommend including an endorsement or excerpted review of your book from an independent source.
  6. The Library is organized by volunteers. So it may be a while before your book appears. Search the Lorehaven Library to see if it is added. Newly added novels will also appear on Lorehaven’s front page.
  7. Site editors can deny books that don’t fulfill these criteria.

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