Fly Another Day

Repentant superhero Dave Johnson must resume his alter ego, Powerhouse, and with the help of local churches fight crime, poverty, fatherlessness, and the CEO of Dorado Incorporated. Book 1 of the Adventures of Powerhouse series, superhero fantasy for all ages.

A year ago, Dave Johnson flew high as the super-powered crime fighter Powerhouse, defeating Seattle’s top crime family and becoming a local legend. In the process, his marriage nearly crashed, his eldest son suffered a life-threatening injury, and Dave lost his super powers. Now, Dave is a new Christian, a stay-at-home Dad, and living off memories and comic book royalties.

An interdimensional alien hires the cynical Mitch Farrow as the CEO of Dorado Incorporated. Farrow attacks Powerhouse’s legacy in the media. This only prompts Dave to seek to regain his powers and become Powerhouse again. This time, he’s determined to not only fight crime, but poverty, fatherlessness, and hunger and enlists the help of local churches.

Farrow then hires a lawyer who threatens Powerhouse with frivolous lawsuits that could ground him forever. Outraged, the Johnson family’s super-powered alien chef pledges to rid Earth of lawyers and introduces his race’s robotic lawyers. He unwittingly sells the plans to a Dorado subsidiary, who equips the Robolawyers with powerful alien weapons that make them the most dangerous threat Powerhouse has ever faced.

Book 1 of the Adventures of Powerhouse series, superhero fantasy for all ages.

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