In the Shadows of Myrmidons, B. Lloyd Reese and Nicholas J. Rzepczynski

In the Shadows of Myrmidons

A young Christian struggles to find the balance between vigilante justice and turning the other cheek.

In a world where superheroes existed but have disappeared and their existence covered up by a conspiracy, a young man in 1996 Bronx stands up to fight against the evils of gangs, drugs and more in his high school after being taken under the wing of a scarred, retired super hero. From there, he makes unlikely allies just in time to face the growing threat of a superpowered menace. To face this threat, he takes up the mantle of his mentor, the Phantom Bowman, but as he does this he must win the struggle of what it means to follow Jesus and be a superhero. What path would the Lord have him walk, and what are the consequences of walking away?

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