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Lorehaven Magazine reviews Christian-made, fantastical, published novels.

Lorehaven Magazine seeks to serve Christian fans with book reviews in each issue.

First, you get a short, convenient flash review of a recent Christian fantastical novel.

We’ll describe the characters, plot, and world. You’ll get an idea of what themes the story explores. You’ll notice, however, that we don’t offer star-based rankings or thumbs up/thumbs down. Sure, some stories have objectively good or bad traits. But we hope to review only the best stories, and match these with the best fans.

Second, under Best for, we identify kinds of readers we believe will love the story.

Third, under Discern, we offer a short list of story elements worthy of discussion.

Please note that “discern” does not mean we avoid an isolated story element, such as a certain word or theme, because we find it offensive. “Discernment” may mean that we must avoid a story if it will tempt us personally to sin. But in Christ, we may also have freedom to engage with this story as a training member of Jesus’s family.

In that case, we feel these elements are worth discussion as fans help each other to find truth in fantastic stories. In your family or church, mature readers may need to read the novel first, then help other readers engage it with truth and imagination.

How we choose reviews

To be selected for Lorehaven Magazine review, novels must fit these qualifications:

Review team (as of fall 2018)

  • Austin Gunderson (review chief)
  • Avily Jerome
  • Elizabeth Kaiser
  • Shannon McDermott
  • Audie Thacker
  • Phyllis Wheeler
  1. Biblical Christian author
  2. Fantastical in genre
  3. Published, indie or traditional

Authors can share their books at Our volunteer team will match qualifying entries to the reviewer who is best suited for each kind of story.

We also prioritize newer novels, so we will consider a book’s date of release.

Authors can also consider sponsored (or paid) reviews for older books, or books we otherwise can’t select for volunteer review. We treat each sponsored review just like any other review. To learn more, reach out by email to

Lorehaven Magazine reviews Christian-made, fantastical, published novels. Learn more about our reviews and review team members. Or share your favorite novel for review consideration.