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Chromatic by Ashley Bustamante


Elm and Ava must confront the growing darkness and create a future in a world that has been all but stripped of hope.
“With this last stroke for the Color Theory trilogy, Ashley Bustamante’s Chromatic concludes her triptych with a bold finale.”
Radiant, Ashley Bustamante


After the introduction of Yellow magic in a society accustomed to only Red and Blue magic, the world inside the barrier has become more complicated than anyone imagined.
“Ashley Bustamante’s Radiant expands the Color Theory series palette with new characters and locales to paint a new adventure.”
Vivid, Ashley Bustamante


As Ava learns more about Yellow magic’s potential to control its victims, she now must question whether her rash decisions are all her own or if someone else is pulling the strings.
“Ashley Bustamante’s Vivid paints a world built on secrets and carefully controlled color palettes.”