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We help more fans find the best Christian-made, fantastical novels.

What is Lorehaven?

Lorehaven.com serves Christian fans by finding biblical truth in fantastic stories. This way, fans can grow to be more like Jesus Christ. We can find biblical happiness and holiness only in Jesus as we explore fantasy, science fiction, and other fantastical genres for his glory.

Lorehaven.com began in 2018. But our roots go much deeper.

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How does Lorehaven work?

  1. Readers can subscribe free to get Lorehaven updates.
  2. Every Tuesday, we release a new episode of the Fantastical Truth podcast.
  3. Every week, we release new articles from fantastic creators at Lorehaven.com.
  4. Each Friday, we release new reviews of fantastical Christian-made novels.
  5. We post news updates for announcements and to explore trending fan topics.
  6. Reviewers’ time and our web hosting is funded by site and podcast sponsors.

Who is Lorehaven’s audience?

We are reaching thousands of readers and podcast listeners.

These are not just other writers. These are new fans: kids, young adults, and grown-ups who enjoy Christian-made, fantastical novels.

We share specific reader, listener, and social media fan totals in our Advertising Guide (available upon request).

How can we share your stories with new fans?

We’d love to help you reach our readers in one or more of these methods. Click each heading to learn more.

1. Request a Lorehaven review

Lorehaven releases new novel reviews each week.

To be considered for Lorehaven review, novels must fit these qualifications:

  1. Christian-made,
  2. Fantastical in genre,
  3. Professionally published (indie or traditional).

Our Lorehaven Review Team matches qualifying books to the best reader.

We also prioritize newer novels, so we will consider release dates (including pre-published titles).

Note: At present we are emphasizing full-length novels for review.

Note that not every submitted novel will be reviewed, because of reviewer availability and preference.

Also note: every qualifying book submitted for review consideration will also appear in the Lorehaven Library! This should save authors some steps. If you’ve submitted your book for review, you shouldn’t need to submit again for complimentary listing in the Library.

What’s in a Lorehaven review?

First, you get a short review of a recent Christian-made fantastical novel. We describe the characters, plot, and world. You’ll get an idea of what themes the story explores. You’ll notice, however, that we don’t offer star-based rankings or thumbs up/thumbs down. Sure, some stories have objectively good or bad traits. But we hope to review only the best stories, and match these with the best fans.

Second, under Best for, we identify kinds of readers we believe will love the story.

Third, under Discern, we offer a short list of story elements worthy of discussion.

Please note that the term “discern” does not mean we must always avoid story elements, such as certain words or themes, because we find them offensive. In Christ, we have the option of freedom to engage with any story as in-training members of Jesus’s church family. Some readers, however, may need to avoid a story if it will tempt them personally to sin.

In that case, we feel these elements are worth discussion as fans help each other to find truth in fantastic stories. In your family or church, mature readers may need to read the novel first, then help other readers engage it with truth and imagination.

    Does the book qualify for Lorehaven review?

    All three must be honestly marked "yes" for review consideration.

    Authored by a Christian?


    Fantastical in genre(s)?


    Published (traditional or indie)?


    Share more about your story.

    What's the overall genre?


    Who's the audience?

    early readersmiddle gradeteens + young adultadults

    Attach e-book. Max 20 MB. New: File must be in EPUB format.

    Attach cover image. Maximum 5 MB. Must be high-res.

    Separate with commas. Include only specific story labels such as dragons, spaceships, parallel worlds, magic. Also include specific genres labels such as suspense, supernatural, or thriller. Avoid terms like "Christian" and "speculative," or repetitions of reader ages.

    2. Sponsor the podcast or website

    Reach new readers with a promotion on Fantastical Truth, and/or a direct-linked (unblockable) image at Lorehaven.com.

      What best describes you? (You can choose more than one.)

      fantastic fanindie novelistnews medianovelistparentpastorpublisherteacher(other)

      Which ads interest you most? (You can choose more than one.)

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      How did you hear about Lorehaven? (optional)

      ChurchConference (education)Conference (writers)Family or friendOther (named below)Social media (Facebook)Social media (Twitter)Speculative Faith

      3. Add your novel to the Lorehaven Library

      The Lorehaven Library lists any novel that fulfills these criteria.

      1. Books must be based on a Christian worldview. For clarification, see our Faith Statement.
      2. Novels must include fantastical (or speculative) genres. These include, but are not limited to: fantasy, science fiction, supernatural/horror, paranormal, and alternate history.
      3. All novels must be complete and professionally published.
      4. Acceptable books can come from any publishing company or individual.
      5. We accept submission of self-published novels. However, if your novel is self-published, we especially recommend including an endorsement or excerpted review of your book from an independent source.
      6. The Library is organized by volunteers. So it may be a while before your book appears. Search the Lorehaven Library to see if it is added. Newly added novels will also appear on Lorehaven’s front page.
      7. Site editors can deny books that don’t fulfill these criteria.

      Note: At present we are emphasizing full-length novels for Library listing.


        Is the book suitable for the Lorehaven library?

        Authored by a Christian?


        Fantastical in genre(s)?


        Published (traditional or indie)?


        Book info

        What genre(s)?

        fantasyscience fictionsupernatural/paranormal/beyond

        Separate with commas. Include only specific story labels such as dragons, spaceships, parallel worlds, magic. Also include specific genres labels such as suspense, supernatural, or thriller. Do not use terms like "Christian" and "speculative," or repetitions of reader ages.

        Attach cover image (JPG or PNG). Must be high-res. Minimum 1MB. Max 10 MB.

        Book specs

        Is the novel independently published?

        Book marketing

        Who's in the book's audience?

        early readersmiddle gradeteens + young adultadults

        4. Send any other comments or questions

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