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Where Darkness Dwells by Andrea Renae

Where Darkness Dwells

When the Creatures of Light return to the shadow-cloaked Vale, awakening a light gift in Amyrah Cantar, she struggles to uncover why she is the one who received it.
Lost in the Caverns, Kathryn Butler

Lost in the Caverns

A young girl must embark on a dangerous journey through a desert of forgotten dreams to restore hope to a lost kingdom.

The Land Of Darkness

Twelve-year-old Jadiel is forced by her evil stepmother to fetch the rejuvenating leaves from the Eternal Tree by next full moon or her father will be killed.

The Betrayed

God’s prophecy for the Gifted suddenly seems beyond their grasp. Lady Daria and Father Piero continue to seek out the lost parts of the Pauline letter they are convinced will light their way. Surrounded by her faithful knights, the young […]