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Fear No Evil, Allen Brokken

Fear No Evil

Separated and alone in a valley of shadows, Lauren, Aiden and Ethan must rely on their faith to fear no evil.
Still Small Voice, Allen Brokken

Still Small Voice

As defenders of the light, Lauren, Aiden and Ethan take up the Armor of God and embark on a journey to stop the dark forces invading their land.
“This simple frontier story gives its child heroes complex dilemmas.”
Lorehaven review, fall 2020
Light of Mine, Allen Brokken

Light of Mine

Lauren, Aiden, and Ethan must stop the agents of The Dark One from putting out the Light and dooming the heathlands to Darkness.
“How-to descriptions of building and cooking are interspersed with moral instruction . . . the story conveys a sound faith lesson.”
Lorehaven review, summer 2020