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When a skeleton mysteriously disappears from his basement, Thorn is faced with an ancient mystery-one that leads to an even more ancient foe: the same sorcerer who fought Moses! By James Byron Huggins.

Winds Of Evil

Eden, Indiana. When Katherine Adamson returns to her idyllic hometown, everything has changed. The once-peaceful town now has a deep evil boiling under the surface. Already it’s threatening to escape. By Sharon K. Gilbert.

The Armageddon Strain

Dr. Maggie Taylor must learn how her father’s untimely death is linked to the deaths of nearly two dozen other scientists and the truth behind a doomsday weapon known only as the BioStrain chip. Will she discover the truth in time? By Sharon K. Gilbert.


An ancient evil has darkened the abbey halls and turned the once-peaceful monastery into a murderous battleground. By James Byron Huggins.