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The Crossover Alliance Anthology Volume Two

The 2nd anthology from The Crossover Alliance
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Shift Tense, Patrick Todoroff

Shift Tense

Tam, Jace, Poet9 and the Triplets face Somali pirates, child soldiers, rival mercenaries, killer drones … and it’s just the beginning.
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The Barrow Lover, Patrick Todoroff

The Barrow Lover

Treasure hunting in an ancient forest, two friends dig up a gold locket, but when a beautiful girl’s ghost appears and townsfolk start dying, their dream of easy money turns into a nightmare.
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Running Black

Stable nano-technology: the melding of man and machine on a microscopic level. It’s a breakthrough worth billions no one’s been able to achieve. Until now. And Eshu International, headed by North Korean mercenary Tam Song, just got hired to steal it. Science fiction by Patrick Todoroff.
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