Vincent in Wonderland

This summer, explore the purpose of your life and talents in C. E. White’s whimsical fantasy Vincent in Wonderland.
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Drop back down the rabbit hole with Alice—and a certain famous 19th-century artist.

This summer, explore the purpose of your life and talents in C. E. White’s whimsical fantasy Vincent in Wonderland.

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Vincent in Wonderland, C. E. WhiteBook Quest guidance: Vincent in Wonderland

  • Quest guide: Ticia Messing
  • Genre: fantasy
  • Skill level: age 12 and older

Reading schedule

  • July 1–7: chapters 1–7
  • July 8–14: chapters 8–14
  • July 15–21: chapters 15–21
  • July 22–28: chapters 22–28
  • July 29–31: chapters 29–30, epilogue

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Lorehaven reviews Vincent in Wonderland

What if Alice wasn’t alone when she fell down that rabbit hole? C. E. White portrays a unique historical crossover in Vincent in Wonderland. This whimsical retelling pairs 11-year-old artist Vincent van Gogh with Lewis Carroll’s original Alice Liddell, when both youngsters are called to a magical realm to use their gifts, exploring purpose in life, self-sacrifice, and stewardship of talents. With descriptions evoking van Gogh’s artwork and the unique animals of Carroll’s imagination, White paints a vivid picture of this quest to destroy the Jabberwock and save this world.

Best for: Middle-grade fans of portal fantasy and Alice in Wonderland.

Discern: Brief scenes of childhood bullies and violence against animals, vague discussions of depression and mental health.

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