Alfred: The Boy Who Would Be King

Alfred: The Boy Who Would Be King

In a grim fantasy world where the Father of Light seems long lost, can a modern day boy help a wizard, a cleric, knights and peasants have faith again?

Alfred loves to play a fantasy computer game about building up a kingdom and knights fighting creatures. He lives with his mysterious mother who works as a seamstress at a laundromat and doesn’t care about modern things. Alfred spends his time playing his fantasy game and studying medieval life, from how they farmed to what advancements they used in battle.

One day he gets his mother to watch him play his game where knights fight goblins, she becomes so scared she utters his father’s strange name. Alfred realizes his mother is hiding who his father was, or maybe, who they are? Upon Alfred saying the name, a mysterious old man appears, one who happens to be a helpless wizard with no memory! And yet the amnesiac wizard manages to transport Alfred to a fantasy world where a kingdom was destroyed and the peasants live in fear! Each year at harvest, goblins attack. Can a boy who plays computer games and study medieval times do anything to help them? Is Alfred ready to be The Boy Who Would Be King?

Book 1 of the Alfred the Boy King series.

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