Blessings and Trials, Thomas Davidsmeier

Blessings and Trials

In a world where Fallen Angels walk the earth, a few faithful use their amazing blessings to hold out against the darkness.

As other men bow to evil, Sojourners stand and fight. They are the last lights shining against the darkness of Heaven’s Exiles, the Fallen.

When their Sojourner town is attacked, the soldier’s son Litharus, loving and kind Ingrid, and precocious but innocent Gwen are cut off from their parents. Are their magical Blessings enough to help these three young friends escape the Exiles hunting them? Can they find their way safely into their parents arms?

Intertwined tales span generations and cross continents as faith, hope, and family once again battle the malevolent forces determined to destroy and devour all that is good.

An intricately imagined world populated by beings with strange talents and magical gifts forms the backdrop of this Christian Fantasy tale: Blessing and Trials.

Book 1 of the Exiles and Sojourners series.

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