“While the narrative provides plenty of extra-biblical speculation, it strongly supports biblical morality and the truth of how sin distorts goodness.”
Lorehaven magazine (read full review)
Gods They Had Never Known, J. S. Helms

Gods They Had Never Known

The divine order of creation is violated, leading to idolatry, corruption, and the threat of extermination.

They will enhance your life,
Enlarge your fortune,
Strengthen your body,
Destroy your soul.

The Guardians look down from their mountaintop to the valley of men below—and they desire the women they see. Abandoning their rightful home, they infiltrate mankind peacefully … with disastrous consequences.

Haven, a young man of strong faith, lives in the pleasant valley that is now under invasion. A blind prophet has warned the people for years, but Haven is the only one listening. The Guardians, who look like men but are not, exchange wisdom of the mountains for the use of the mortal women. Everyone turns a blind eye to the monstrosities born of these unions in their greed for this forbidden knowledge that improves their lives.

As violence and depravity increase in the valley, Haven desperately tries to convince the people—and the woman he loves—that judgment is coming, putting himself in the crosshairs of both the Guardians and their malevolent offspring.

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