Rise of the Seers, Daniel Whyte IV

Rise of the Seers

Ethan’s only wish is to stop seeing the realm beyond the veil. But seeing it is his gift to the world.

Ethan wishes he could just stop seeing the demons and live a normal life. What he doesn’t know is that a war is brewing, an ancient evil is rising, and he—and everyone he loves—is about to be consumed by it.

Tormented by visions of a realm he thinks is visible only to him, Ethan determines to unlock the secrets of his ancestry. But his parents won’t tell him about his past, his beloved adopted sister might be more than she appears, and the secretive redhead who just started attending his school might be into him—and not for the right reasons.

Soon, Ethan discovers that his “gift” is legendary, and because of it, hellish powers want him dead. As he begins to wield his newfound abilities, it might be too late to defy the forces that are trying to destroy him and set the world ablaze.

Book 1 of the Rise of the Seers series.

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