The Darkened Land, Larry Paris

The Darkened Land

In a land of darkness, seven people defend one of the seven cities of light against the forces of darkness.

In a land of perpetual darkness, the city of Agapay stands as a beacon of light in the midst of a raging war. Lachlaniel has never known the light until a man with one of the King’s light-giving stones passes by. Dazzled by the wonders, beauty and gifts it bestows, Lachlaniel leaves Fairvale to find a stone. Accompanied by a friend and aided by some of the King’s finest warriors, Lachlaniel makes his way to Agapay pursued by the creatures of darkness. His quest has roused the enemy unleashing a flood of terror and destruction. The Great City is in peril. Can Lachlaniel obtain a stone before the forces of evil engulf the city? Can he and his friends turn the tide of destruction, or will the light fail and the defenders succumb to the legions of darkness?

Book 1 of the Seven Towers series.

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