Transformation Towards Destiny

Transformation Toward Destiny

Can Diondray and his five companions interpret the ancient text that will heal two opposing peoples and unite Kammbia forever?

Kammbia is a nation divided. The peoples of its Northern and Southern regions have long since been ostracized from one another, with the Great Forest that divides them standing as a monument to their segregation. Only an ancient prophecy, the last act of one of the greatest men in Kammbia’s history, offers any hope that one day the country can be reunited.

Diondray Azur has had to abandon his home, his family and everything he knows in order to fulfill the prophecy. Having left his life of privilege behind him, he is charged with the task of interpreting the nation’s spiritual text, the Book of Kammbi, so that religious differences between the people of the two nations can forever be put aside. As he travels through North of the Great Forest, he learns of several different interpretations of the Book, which people are adhering to so rigidly that they are unable to see the points of view of others.

Can Diondray convince the people of North of the Great Forest to abandon their ancient prejudices in the spirit of reconciliation? And can he trust his five traveling companions, as interactions between them begin to reveal more of their individual motives for joining him on his quest?

Book 2 of the United Kammbia series.

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