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Teddi Deppner

Not sure whether this is the place to ask this question and provide this feedback, but here goes. The review for “Orphan’s Song” includes the following: Discern: Low scruples, moderate bloodshed, and high dudgeon.

1) I had to look up “dudgeon”. Never heard the word before.

2) Why is it part of the “discern” advisory? The dictionary says it means “a feeling of offense or anger”. Is the whole story steeped in anger and a desire for vengeance or something?

Thanks for clarifying… and maybe use more clear, modern language for the average parent today in the advisories? Even “low scruples” might be more easily understood as “poor ethics” or “immoral choices”.

Other questions related to the “discern” advisories:

The “Earthcore/Roto Vegas” review included an advisory for “unreconstructed animistic spirituality”. What’s the implication of “unreconstructed”?

“Walking on the Sea of Clouds” advisory includes “only briefly referenced Christianity”. Does that mean all the other books include pervasive references to Christianity, and this is the only one which “only briefly” references it? Or is there a different significance to that note?

Really love seeing the first issue out. Don’t take my questions to mean I’m not excited and happy to see it! 🙂

Austin Gunderson

Hello Teddi. Thanks for the thoughtful feedback! As Lorehaven’s reviews editor, I can speak to some of your concerns.

The highly-concise “flash” format of Lorehaven’s reviews does, unfortunately, require some compression of thought, so relevant context may end up implied rather than explained outright. Since the purpose of the “Discern” section is simply to highlight potentially-objectionable content, it’s just a brief summary of anything that might be of concern to more sensitive readers.

In the case of “Orphan’s Song,” the reference to scruples is meant to refer to the actions of some of the characters, not to the story as a whole. The reference to dudgeon is likewise meant to encapsulate the intense emotionalism of some of the characters, after the manner of the “thematic elements” tag sometimes used in MPAA film ratings.

In the case of “Earthcore: Roto Vegas,” the word “unreconstructed” is meant to indicate that the story’s animistic spirituality is presented without any in-world reservations or explicitly-Christian contextualization—i.e. “straight-up.”

In the case of “Walking on the Sea of Clouds,” the phrase “briefly referenced Christianity” is intended to set the reader’s expectations: the story contains religious references, but they don’t rise to the forefront. This reference shouldn’t necessarily be taken as a gauge for any of the other reviews, however: Lorehaven has multiple reviewers, and each book they review is evaluated separately. The content that gets referenced in the “Discern” section is simply what that book’s individual reviewer thought might be of interest to the discerning reader.

Thanks again for your feedback! We’ll keep it in mind moving forward.

Further up and further in!

Teddi Deppner

Thanks for the explanations, Austin.

Audie Thacker
Audie Thacker

I remember filling out the subscription form, but I guess I’ve lost the email with the password. Would you be able to send it again, please?

Andrew Trefethen
Andrew Trefethen

I subscribed, but don’t have access to the magazine. Please help!
Best Regards,

Andrew Trefethen


Hi, how long is it supposed to take for the email to be sent? I signed up 4 hours ago and still nothing 🙁 nothing in the spam folder as well. Thanks!