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Crusader's Quest, Jake Tyson

Crusader’s Quest

After committing a murder, one man must decide if he’s doomed to guilt or if he can rise above it and become something greater.
Heroes' Might, Jake Tyson

Heroes’ Might

As superhumans begin showing up around the world, Gideon and the rest of the Vindicators know that they have to stop Professor Ashcroft before he sets out to create a worldwide superhuman crisis.
Freedom's Fight, Jake Tyson

Freedom’s Fight

The adventures of The Seraph and his growing band of super heroes continue as Gideon seeks the truth about the origins of his powers.
Vigilante's Light, Jake Tyson

Vigilante’s Light

After his rescue from guerrillas in Venezuela, Gideon finds himself with super-abilities, and he becomes a vigilante to protect his city, but he learns that being a vigilante comes with a price.