1. drewnchick says:

    What do you think of the general concern some people have about representing Christ in any visible way, which can lead people to soft-idolatry? The issue, as I’ve seen it stated is thus: if seeing a painting of Jesus or watching a movie about Jesus causes the viewer to feel more “connected” to Jesus or in some way more “drawn” to Jesus, does this not constitute a violation of the Second Commandment, in that the physical depiction of our Lord is a worship aid, an image, and as such generates a false worship via the imagery–the eyes–instead of a true worship via faith–in the heart?

    I think you are asking and answering many very good questions, and maybe you’ll get to mine in the next couple of segments.

    • Hey drewnchick! We just replied to your question while recording Episode 94 of the Fantastical Truth podcast. Look for our answer on Tuesday 1/11/22 when the episode is released. Great question!

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