A Soul as Cold as Frost

“Scary ghost stories and tales of the glories …” Jennifer Kropf’s A Soul as Cold as Frost brings holiday cheer in our next fantasy book quest.
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Scary ghost stories and tales of the glories …

Jennifer Kropf’s A Soul as Cold as Frost brings holiday cheer in our next fantasy book quest.

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Book Quest guidance: A Soul as Cold as Frost

  • Quest guide: Ticia Messing
  • Genre: fantasy
  • Skill level: age 13 and older

Quest destinations

  • Dec. 1–3: prologue–chapter 3
  • Dec. 4–10: chapters 4–12
  • Dec. 11–17: chapters 13–23
  • Dec. 18–23: chapters 24–36 (skip Christmas Eve and Christmas Day)
  • Dec. 26–31: chapters 37–epilogue

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A Soul As Cold As Frost by Jennifer KropfLorehaven reviews A Soul As Cold As Frost

Sixteen-year-old Helen has led a normal life of sibling fights, hand-me-down clothes, and feeling ignored at her school. Then one day a stranger gives her a mysterious orb that lets her perceive creatures and other things no one else can see. Helen and her new guardian must work together to follow ancient tradition, exposing a dark secret and sharing the truth of Elowin. Jennifer Kropf’s debut novel A Soul as Cold as Frost creates a lyrical adventure whose winter wonderland intersects our world, trimmed with references to biblical and church history.

Best for: Young-adult fans of portal fantasy and Christmas-inspired stories.

Discern: Fantasy violence and emotional trauma from battle participation.

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