1. highesttruth says:

    Okay. This is very important.

    I am not American. I am Polish. From my research, America wasn’t founded as a Christian country. This doesn’t change the fact that Christian influence was very present and felt. While it always clashed with various secular and humanist influences, Christianity highly influenced American culture, helping America create society which was an anomaly. The idea of freedom of conscience, speech or faith wasn’t always a given, in fact for vast majority of human history. Those who live and have lived in the US have no idea how lucky they are. They can for example own guns, which we can’t in Poland.

    • So great to read your comment.

      I do disagree with a lot of the “Christian nation” rhetoric I hear from some Christians. (Some mean this well; others only as sloganeering for their political power.) Still, I wholly agree that Christianity influenced this nation. Just as it influenced Poland, and many other nations. I’ll forever be a person who was born in America, and you, apparently, born in Poland. I think that is fantastic and a highlight of how God has created bearers of His image from every tribe, tongue, people, and nation! Let’s hope both the United States and Poland might just make the cut into New Earth.

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