1. Angela says:

    I really hope Disney can rediscover its roots. I’m not sure it’s going to happen, but I hope so.

    • Jenneth Dyck says:

      We can always hope! There’s already enough cynicism in the world and amongst Christians, so I’ll happily take the time to highlight alternative hope. Thanks for reading!

  2. A. Neumann says:

    Disney is a very smart global company. They will continue to analyze all of their markets and produce content that will sell well globally, not just in the USA. The social norms of many international markets are actually more aligned with Christian values, so Disney will continue to produce some content that aligns with conservative values, while producing other content that aligns with progressive values. I wouldn’t expect Disney to hold to any moral standard beyond what the markets demand, which is basically what Iger is admitting to in his statement. They will “listen” and “serve”…

    • Jenneth Dyck says:

      Agreed. I don’t expect them to suddenly become Christian. Disney was never Christian, and plenty of Christian families barred their kids from movies like the original Little Mermaid because of it. But I do trust them to think like a capitalist-minded business, and that will inherently demand they change course.

What say you?