1. Betty says:

    Love this article! Very well-stated with excellent examples. Thanks for sharing this and for sharing some wonderful Found Families with us in your books.

  2. sustained applause

    “This is the equivalent of having the guy kiss the girl at the end of the adventure—because ‘romance now!’—when the story has not established any chemistry or affection. The existence of a poor version of a thing, however, doesn’t negate the true version.” <<< oooh, sick burn. I approve.

  3. Ticia says:

    This is why I like Found Family tropes because it gives us a hint of how broken things can be fixed. And Found Family doens’t HAVE to mean your biological family is broken (as an example, the SVR series, Prism has a pretty awesome family, but still builds a great found family in her team.

  4. Excellent article!
    The Found Family trope isn’t one of my favorites, in the sense that I don’t actively seek it out nor do I get that happy-thrill when I find it, but it is still beautiful and well worth exploring through good fiction.

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