1. Ryan Ouellette says:

    I love Thanos as a villain because he’s so different from other pop culture villains, but I find myself almost agreeing with him when I watch Infinity War

  2. My youngest son was also obsessed with villains from an early age, despite being a thoughtful, kind-hearted and empathetic kid. I think the youngest child in the family tends to feel small and powerless and is easily teased or taken advantage of by their older siblings, so they’re drawn to characters who are powerful, scary and seemingly untouchable. My youngest is still mad at Eowyn for killing the Witch-King of Angmar, his second-favorite character in LotR (#1: Sauron. #3: The Balrog.)

  3. I’m a lot like your youngest in that I’m typically more interested in the bad guy. I used to think it was simply that they were better written, more interesting and complex. While my friends loved Peter Pan, I was cheering for Captain Hook. I could relate to him more than Pan.

    ‘Unhinged’ was a movie where I was on the fence. While I felt for the woman and her kid, at the same time I understood what the Russell Crowe’s character was going through and…on a really bad day, if I didn’t keep myself in check, how far could I be pushed to Crowe’s side?

    We just watched ‘The Next Three Days’, Crowe’s character plans to break his innocent (or maybe guilty) wife out of prison because he feels the system failed her. At the end, I’m hoping he succeeds, but yet I realize he’s breaking so many laws as well as commandments. And then I start asking myself, what would I do? That’s a hard question to answer.

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