1. You touched on my lack of interest in horror. In my day to day walk with Jesus, I’ve learned that there is no horror which doesn’t submit to the wondrous power of love of my King. In my world, demons are a sick joke that are the result of a uncommon fool—commonly known as Satan. He’s nasty, but has no power when Jesus is present.

    • Parker J says:

      Hey Dave! Finally able to respond. Thank you as always for your insight.

    • Andy Animous says:

      Oddly enough, cosmic horror has an element of “who the ninja flip do you think you think you are!?!” born from Lovecraft being scared of everyone in an age of briskly paced advancements in science and industry.

  2. David W. Landrum says:

    Very good article. I never liked Lovecraft’s horror world, though I must admit he is a capable writer.

  3. Mark says:

    Thanks, Parker. I enjoyed your article and observations.

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