1. Kathleen J Eavenson says:

    Well, there is that quote from C.S. Lewis – of course he’d have one – to the effect that children [people] would face evil & villains in their lives; they should at least have heroic examples of honorable knights and others fighting for the good. I paraphrased it wildly but probably most of you reading this recognized it.

    And of course, Lewis not only wrote this but wrote stories that did provide such heroic examples: Peter and Edmund Pevensey, Ransom from the science fiction trilogy, even Reepicheep (a very small valiant one).

  2. Kathleen J Eavenson says:

    Ooo, I forgot to mention Lucy Pevensey, Jill Pole, and many others. Should we count Perelandra’s Green Lady??

  3. Bethany Fehr says:

    Well said, Josiah!

  4. Jenny Chasteen says:

    I completely agree. Dealing with chronic illness for me would be a different story without Frodo the Ring bearer, Janner the Throne Warden, and King Crispin from Mistmantle. It’s tragic how much Christians undervalue fantastical stories, but Christian culture seems to be shifting to include these books and movies more. I find that very exciting, because I’m confident they’ll make us braver and give us a better understanding of Scripture.

  5. Rachel D. Laird says:

    I must admit that I’ve never thought about epic fantasy this way before. You have crafted your argument very well, Josiah.

    Epic fantasy is a category I read a lot and even my pastor uses movies or books to illustrate some of his points.

    For instance, I can’t remember the name of the Avengers movie, but the Hulk comes face-to-face with Loki, who says (and I’m paraphrasing), “you can’t hurt me. I’m a god.”

    Then the Hulk grabs Loki, slams him against the floor several times like a child throwing a temper tantrum, and says, “puny god.”

    My pastor then said that particular scene was worth watching the whole movie for.

    As for myself, when I think of courage, I think of Han Solo even though he rushed at storm troopers by himself in a New Hope.

    Luke Skywalker: determination and focus needed to become a Jedi Knight.

    Princess Leia: a lot of spirit (remember that comment by Han Solo to Luke in the Falcon’s cockpit) and gutsy. She’s no damsel in distress. I love how she took charge in blasting a hole and leading the way down to the garbage compactor.

    And I could go on.

    Thank you, Josiah, for your article. I’ll decide sometime today which book of Terri Brooks that I want to read next.

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