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Three friends with unique abilities must forge their way through a vampire infested world where evil seeks to corrupt them and devour their souls.
· January 2023 · for

Three friends. Evil seeks to corrupt them. What will it cost… if they survive?

Twins Cataleen and Aodan share a connection through their supernatural abilities. They have the potential to do great things with their gift—if they can resist the evil that seeks to corrupt them.

Their friend, Faolan, is as close as a brother. But not everyone in their village trusts them. As tragedy strikes and secrets are revealed, the trio must face the wider world and their individual destinies.

Ariboslia is a dangerous land where fasgadair hunt the innocent, especially those with powers. The trials Cataleen, Aodan, and Faolan face threaten their bond.

Evil hungers for them.

Each must choose a path.

Will they survive? And if they do—what will it cost?

Prequel to the Ariboslia series.

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