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One girl will face the ultimate evil in her final battle in God’s quest … in her mind.
· May 2019 · for

Fallon and Morrigan face off for the ultimate battle … in their minds.

Fallon and the other shipwreck survivors join forces with the selkie and pech against the fasgadair. They plot to reclaim Bandia, then the rest of Ariboslia, not stopping until they destroy Morrigan. Armed with redeemed blood and the ultimate weapon, Turas, they can’t fail.

But Morrigan has dark magic on her side—and an unwitting spy.

As Fallon and her friends conspire, Morrigan uses the spelled version of the mind-link Fallon shared with Aodan and Alastar. With it, Morrigan learns their secrets and infiltrates Fallon’s mind.

By the time Fallon realizes what’s happening, it may too late. Will the redeemed blood and Turas be enough to remove the evil that’s plagued Ariboslia for centuries? Or will Fallon become Morrigan’s pet—a plaything in her mind?

Aloft is the third and final book in the Ariboslia Christian fantasy series. If you enjoy visiting alternate worlds that feature fast-paced adventure, supernatural creatures, compelling characters, and exciting plot twists, come to Ariboslia. You’ll love this third installment in J. F. Rogers’s page-turning series.

Book 3 of the Ariboslia series.

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