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Among the Shadows

Six among us are called to stand against what hides among the shadows, and hold our fate in their hands.
August 2016 · for ,

Humans are not the mere mortals they believe themselves to be.

Ethan and Milena Dietrich, inheritors of an ancient legacy, can wield the energy surging inside them. They are not alone, but chose the path of a normal life. This cannot last.

Soon they will learn that a war has raged in the shadows since man first set foot upon the Earth.

The shadowmancer Ahriman led the Scourges of the ancient world. Now he will reach through the veil to assemble the Fallen and destroy the last of the Watchers. Evils long believed myth, and relics of fabled power, will leave civilization in ashes.

Where the Light once shook the mountains, the fate of humanity will be decided. Make no mistake, this is a war. One of the worst sort.

Book 1 of the Watchers of the Light series.

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