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Asylum: The Circeae Tales

Trista Leighton is captured by the Progressive Legacy and arrested for her affiliation with the Ghosts.
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“I think you misunderstood the process, Mr. Leighton. This isn’t a trial. It’s a sentencing. You are a criminal, plain and simple. You forfeit any rights when you choose such a path.” The judge stared at him as he pressed a button affixed to his desk. A red light under the screen indicated that his words were now being recorded for the official transcript. “The Legacy has recently instituted a new rehabilitation program. You will receive treatments, and if your behavior progresses, you may earn free time and perhaps, someday, release. Mr. Leighton, you are hereby, for an indefinite amount of time, sentenced to the Straightjacket, the Legacy’s new prison ship for the criminally insane.”

Chase’s jaw dropped as panic lit fire through his chest. “I am not–”

“The doctors will, as stated previously, administer treatments at their discretion in hopes of rehabilitating you to proper citizen status.”

Terror tumbled through Chase’s head, sending the room spinning. He jerked on his chains, knowing it was a futile effort. They couldn’t do this, could they? It was unjust. It was cruel. It was the Legacy. “Your honor–”

“When they feel you can and will comply with Legacy standards, your sentence will be reevaluated. Court officers, remove the criminal and escort him to prison transport,” the judge ordered.

“You can’t do this!” Chase shouted as two Zeniths grabbed his elbows. “I’m not insane!”

The judge’s lips turned up in a callous and cruel smile. Chase could see the malice in his eyes. The red light faded back into the wall. “By the time they are done with you, you will be,” the judge said before the Bands screen fizzled to black.

Book 9 of the The Circeae Tales series, science fiction for adult readers.

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