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Baptism By Fire

A phoenix cursed to be human and a skeptical human cop join forces to stop a mythical threat from starting a war between man and mythic.
· July 2023 · for

When Secret Service Agent Rick McCoy punches his partner’s murderer in the face after arresting him, he fears his dream of getting promoted to the President’s personal detail is over. His boss has a different transfer in mind and partners him with the agency’s top agent in the super secret Paranormal Investigations Division – an immortal phoenix cursed to human form. The problem is that Rick doesn’t believe in the paranormal, immortals, phoenixes, or curses.

Phoenix Dante Brand was cursed centuries ago to human form for daring to think himself more beautiful than a fae. Finding his purpose in stopping mythic crimes, he has been an agent of the US government since he escaped Revolutionary France. Breaking in a new human partner is always hard, and a rash of murders targeting human sidekicks doesn’t bode well for their already rocky relationship.

When one attack nearly ends their fledgling partnership, and another places Dante himself under suspicion, Dante and Rick find themselves scrambling to figure out who is blaming human murders on mythics before the flames of violence are fanned into full-fledged war. There are factions on both sides who would benefit from a human mythic war, and are more than willing to pour gasoline on the fire of prejudice and suspicion regardless of how many lives it costs.

Book 1 of the Rick and Dante Paranormal Mysteries series

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