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Butterfly Ink

A self-conscious eighteen-year-old encounters a mysterious man offering a magical tattoo guaranteeing beauty and fame, forcing her to choose between her deepest desires and everyone she’s ever loved.
· June 2024 · for

Fresh out of high school, Calli Stockton, a volunteer at a children’s horse camp in Arkansas, is feeling uncertain about what lies ahead. What better way to figure things out than to spend the summer working alongside her best friend at a private island resort off the coast of Florida?

Little does she know, this experience will change her life forever. After a chance encounter with a mysterious man offering her a magical tattoo, promising fame and beauty, suddenly, Calli’s life seems to be perfect. Or is it?

When Calli faces an unexpected crossroads, she must make a challenging decision. Will she choose the life the magic offers, or will she walk away from her deepest desires and choose the people she loves the most?

Dive into the pages of Butterfly Ink and experience a splash of magic, first love, and fame, all while discovering what it truly means to be … “altogether beYOUtiful.”

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