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Cain’s Redemption

Once again the enemy conjures a plan to bring ruin to Alex Masters and her God given destiny, and this time no one that Alex loves will be safe.
· September 2021 · for ,

Winning the battle is not the same as winning the war.

Alex Masters is pursuing her dreams and cousin Daisy has overcome her demons, but the enemy does not rest, and their adversary, Darius Lench, is desperate to atone for his mistakes.

Out of that desperation, a new plan emerges that is forged in torment and fashioned to exploit the weaknesses of Lench’s opponents. He will stop at nothing to have his revenge, and do the will of his master. Once again Alex and those she loves will be open to attack, and there are not rules of engagement, only the desire to kill and destroy.

But even as the enemy’s plans unfold, so does the potential for love. Tested and challenged, this love may yet grow to fulfill its destiny: to be a light in the darkness that the enemy can neither understand not overcome.

But first love must survive and for that to happen there must be redemption.

Book 2 of the The Masters Series.

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