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Canaan Sleeps

Teens living in a “Christian utopia” that twists the gospel for gain and oppression must decide to follow prosperous crowds or Jesus himself.
· January 2023 · for ,

Shiloh, the burgeoning Christian capital of the west, is celebrating a new dawn as Arch Prophet Kaynen Kafaana takes office. But not everyone is rejoicing in ‘God’s new mouthpiece‘. Over the excitement and rapid development of this urban heaven-on-earth, a sinister shadow hangs.

Adam, Ruth, and Thomas have been close friends since early childhood. Despite their parents’ schemes to set them on a course for power and wealth, Adam, Ruth, and Thomas are united by a passion to know God and do his will. But that’s easier said than done in a city built on the backs of prophets who preach a different gospel.

Meanwhile, across the sea, in the belly of the hostile Eastern Empire, a lonely prophet, calling himself Theophilus, sits in a dank prison cell and writes. He madly scribbles a message from God to Shiloh. The ruthless warden thinks Theophilus is just another crazy fanatic from the west—that is, until he and his family start having dreams. The message must reach Adam, Ruth, Thomas and the other faithful remnants in Shiloh before the unspeakable happens. A catastrophe like the world has not seen in 800 years.

Book 1 of the World Without End series.

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