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Changelings: Insurgence

Commander Tauran didn’t travel from the 26th century to kidnap Jesus, but he will if that’s what it takes to save his mutant son.
· November 2023 · for

When Commander Tauran’s young son, Lausus, is diagnosed as one of the despised changeling mutants, Tauran believes government assurances that his boy will be treated well. His less trusting wife, Beatra, however, flees with Lausus to a Changeling planet.

After years of leading troops into battles against the mutants, while tirelessly searching for signs of Beatra and Lausus, Tauran seizes on an offer from a trusted, yet rogue, scientist with a time travel device that will enable Tauran to gather fresh DNA from humans before Earth’s nuclear wars.

Teamed with three others–a scientist, a scholar, and a war criminal with nothing to prove–Tauran maxes out the time travel device, arriving to Earth’s first century where he encounters a healer from an abandoned religious sect. Faced with more of a mystery than ever, Tauran determines to learn the healer’s secrets or risk kidnapping him for his DNA to save Lausus, purge the mutation, and end the war between humans and their mutant offspring.

But Tauran and his team have to move fast–before mutants from their own era overrun the team’s time travel site on Terra, and before a government conspiracy to prolong the war destroys what’s left of humanity’s home world with a final nuclear blast.

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