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Charis Colony: The Landing

Persecuted for crimes they didn’t commit, Raj and Shirin Mondal flee the eugenic dystopian state bent on “harvesting” their unborn child.
· November 2020 · for

Dr. Raj Mondal had it all. Born to one of The Landing’s founding families, he had a high-status position with the Colonial Medical Administration. He implemented the Colonial Governing Council’s eugenics policies, which meant he decided who was allowed to have children and who wasn’t, who lived and who died. He was a reliable, loyal citizen of Charis Colony.

Until his patient, Mr. Singh, disappeared.

Suddenly, Dr. Mondal was suspected of aiding a defector. He and his wife, Shirin, now found themselves in the crosshairs of a vindictive Chief Inspector from Colonial Security. Fleeing for their lives, they seek the help of the very people they were taught to fear most: The McGuire Point Rebels. But how far does the reach of Colonial Security extend? And were the rumors about the violent and barbaric people of McGuire Point true?

Book 1 of the Charis Colony series.

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