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Codename: Winterborn

After a nuclear war in 2090 a third of the world is in ruins, and spy Kevin Anderson is sent to find the nuclear arsenal of the Islamic Republic of France.
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After a small nuclear war in 2090, a third of the world is in ruins, along with the Western half of the United States. Three years later, spy Kevin Anderson and his team are sent to find the nuclear arsenal of the Islamic Republic of France. When his team is betrayed by the politicians who sent them, Kevin is out for blood. Hunted by an army, Kevin must kill the Senators before the next team is sent to their deaths. Without resources, or support, it’s almost certainly a suicide mission. But Kevin will gladly make this sacrifice, for his codename is Winterborn.

Book 1 of the Last Survivors series, science fiction/dystopian fiction for young-adult readers.

  1. John Konecsni says:

    At first glance, this looks like a simple revenge novel. It could have been, but it’s far, far more complex than that.
    Kevin Anderson is an interesting protagonist on a quest for justice — not revenge, justice.  The distinction is important in this plot, because revenge is such an easy path for Kevin to slip onto.  Our hero even outright *says* that what he’s doing is necessary, and gives good, solid reasons for it, as opposed to indulging in petty vengeance. 
    There is no moral ambiguity about the villains — they’re evil, period, and need to be stopped.  Justice in this case is complicated, and there is even a moment where Kevin obviously takes revenge — and immediately falls to pieces.  In standard Christian tradition, he rights himself, and gets back on the proper path. He slips and stumbles as anyone else would stumble, but he gets back up. 
    There is a bit of strangeness here and there, but I think it holds up well.

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