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Final Chance

Preen is convinced she can rescue her husband, but before long she realizes she’s the one in danger.
· July 2020 · for ,

Does everyone get a second chance?

Three months have passed since Preen learned that her husband, Rama, was captured and killed by a rival militia. Now the pieces of her shattered life are falling back into place. It’s getting easier to breathe again. Preen finds herself smiling over her daughter’s antics. She’s engaged to her wealthy, handsome cousin, who loved her long before Rama stole her heart.

Then, late one night, Rama calls. He asks Preen to come back to the dangerous city of Dor, back to the life she thought she’d left behind forever …

Book 2 of the Shards of Sevia series.

  1. E.B. Roshan says:

    Very excited to see my books featured here. What a great site for creative Christian writers!

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