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Frosted Fire

Hunted by soldiers with dark enchantments on their side, Iyanka fights to find hope for herself and her people.
· August 2018 · for

Once, Iyanka’s life promised to end centuries of conflict between the wielders of ice and fire. Now, all she hopes for is another day escaping death.

Four years have passed since Iyanka’s world fell apart in a nightmare of shadow and death. For four years, she’s lived unknown among the men who condemned her people as monsters. In a baron’s fortress, her once-prized hold over ice and frost is a deadly liability.

Until a man from her past arrives, bringing with him an arcane power that has Iyanka questioning everything she knows of wielders. He offers her escape. He offers her a chance of regaining her world.

But the barons won’t let Iyanka go so easily. Even with a way to defend themselves, Iyanka and her new companions aren’t safe. Hunters chase them across Elnar, and even the promised haven isn’t as safe as it once was. The wielders aren’t the only ones with arcane powers on their side, and the barons still seek the wielders’ annihilation.

Iyanka is out of places to run. She has only one choice: stand with her people, fight for her right to live. But will the power she shares with Victorin be enough? Or will the promise of frosted fire fall to the barons with everything else?

Book 1 of the Agonizomai series.

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