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Invading Hell

The aliens are conquered, but the sinister force behind them remains to be defeated.
· May 2021 · for

The enemy must be faced… even in the pit of hell.

The fake angels have been vanquished, but the devastation they caused remains—a world in fear of anarchy and a deadly contagion that might soon sweep across every continent. The angels also opened the Oculus Gate, allowing entry of a new breed of aliens. These “Refectors” are taking over human bodies that were purged of their souls by the angels’ toxic vaccine.

Ben Garrison’s highly skilled team, with the recent addition of Leo the huntsman and Iona, a sharpshooting teenager, must figure out why these possessed humans are traveling to remote locations near the Arctic Circle. Satellite images indicating the presence of yet another alien race make the team’s quest to Alaska and Siberia to learn the truth even more dangerous.

A message from Ben’s departed commander provides a cryptic clue to the existence of the root of all the alien evils, a self-styled sorceress who seems able to calculate every move her opponents make.

Ben and company must invade hell itself to find this ancient evil and conquer her in hopes of ending the plagues on mankind once and for all.

Book 2 of the The Oculus Gate series.

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