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“Jordan’s World provides engaging escapism with a cast of likable characters.”
Lorehaven review, winter 2019

Jordan’s World

If you were at death’s door and God gave you a chance to live, would you promise to go against your own hopes and dreams?
· July 2019 · for ,

Jordan Lewis and her mother have been abducted and marooned on an alien world.

Taken in by a friendly tribe of natives, Jordan tries her best to adapt to living on this strange planet called Algoran. Jordan becomes a respectable huntress, but she still longs for the life she once knew on Earth.

When she learns the beings who took her may be on the other side of Algoran, she sets out for answers. Joined by three of her fellow hunters, Jordan crosses dangerous terrain, facing perilous creatures and people.

Will Jordan risk death for a chance to return to Earth?
What is God’s will for her life on Algoran?

Exploring the life of an ordinary young woman torn from all she’s ever known, Jordan’s World shows that God reigns over the whole universe, and that consequences can sometimes span solar systems.

Book 1 of the Jordan of Algoran Series series.

Review of Jordan’s World

Jordan’s World provides engaging escapism with a cast of likable characters.
, winter 2019

If space aliens plan to go around abducting people, they should at least have the decency to return those people to wherever they found them. But in Jordan’s World, the aliens just take people from earth and dump them on another planet without a by-your-leave or any explanation. Allen Steadham’s story focuses on a young human woman named Jordan as she lives on another planet and goes on a journey to try to find answers and even a way home. Parts of the story may suspend disbelief to the breaking point (such as a planet whose overall technology is so primitive that electricity hasn’t been harnessed, but still, generations ago, one tribe somehow built machines that allowed them to create portals to other planets). But overall, Jordan’s World provides engaging escapism with a cast of likable characters.

Best for: Young adults and older.

Discern: Subtle mentions of God.

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