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Judgment: Wrath of the Lamb

Demons are released from the Abyss. The gods of the nations prepare for battle. The long-awaited climax is here: Armageddon.
· November 2018 · for

It’s A.D. 70. The abominable Roman armies surround the holy city of Jerusalem. The end is near.

Famine, plagues and civil war tear the Jewish people apart from within.

Christian doctor Alexander stays in Jerusalem to help the sick and wounded, as the evil apostate Jacob plans to murder him.

Alexander’s wife Cassandra tries to leave the safety of her hidden city Pella to help her husband in Jerusalem, only to discover that she’s not safe from supernatural evil.

And neither are her children.

The Two Witnesses finish their proclamations of God’s judgment.

The final trumpet has sounded, the final seal broken, the final bowl poured out.


Book 4 of the Chronicles of the Apocalypse series.

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