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Mankar’s Bane

The twins of Huravag face treachery and death to finally defeat the scourge of Mankar, the self-proclaimed emperor of Tessamandria.
· August 2023 · for

Twin girls from a small town in Tessamandria are separated when one of them is captured and sold into slavery. Her sister and mother set out to find what happened, while she is taken far away to serve a sea captain in the Mooriman Navy. So begins the tale of intrigue and adventure that threatens the empire of the malevolent self-proclaimed emperor Mankar and his band of generals who have terrorized the Tessamandria for years.

Prophecies of “the two” that will be his downfall have heightened Mankar’s malevolence to an obsession as he schemes against time and destiny to unravel this threat to his reign. The journey to re-unite the girls leads them each on terrifying adventures of self-discovery where courage and sacrifice bring them close to death and back again.

Book 3 of the Portals of Tessalindria Collection series.

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