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On Earth As It Is in Hell

Can Ben and his allies prevent a literal hell on earth?
· January 2023 · for ,

Held hostage by Alex, Iona is zooming toward the planet Viridi where Alex hopes to coerce her into meeting with Satan for reasons unknown. When Iona escapes, she is aided by a disembodied spirit living within her cloak, but can this spirit teach Iona how to use her newfound gifts in time to fend off Alex’s merciless pursuit?

Meanwhile, Ben and Kat are also racing to Viridi, unsure if they will have a way to return to Earth since they destroyed the portal-creating engine. Yet, to them, their own safety matters little compared to their quest to save Iona and maybe the entire world.

At the same time, Ben’s siblings, Jack and Trudy, create an enormous portal wheel that covers Earth from the Arctic Circle northward. Spinning like a revolving door, the wheel can send a traveler to Viridi, heaven, or hell. With time running out, can they use this wheel to help their brother in his harrowing journey with Iona into Satan’s devious trap?

While tumultuous events threaten billions of lives, Ben and company face their greatest dangers as they try to prevent Alex’s Satan-inspired plans from succeeding. The existence of multiple worlds depends on them.

Book 3 of The Oculus Gate series.

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