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Realm: Horizon’s Edge

As young Madison Janz follows the God King through a prophesied yet perplexing paradise, she will lose nearly everything.
· November 2019 · for ,

The God King has returned and rules from the only mountain left on earth. His chosen race dwells in perfection and bliss but mortals still carry within them the evil spark the King banished in the mist-veiled Age before.

Madison, a song-sage for the King, seeks to take His scroll the uttermost cracks and hovels of civilization in order to reconcile lost mortals to their Master.

As the slow centuries pass, she leaves breadcrumb clues for Damaris, a curious archeologist, to discover. But the answers they find may lead them through a celestial portal to another world. Will they return in time to stop the Adversary’s final attack on the Capitol of the cosmos?

Book 2 of the Realm series.

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