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Rogue elements of the sisterhood by divine providence are captured, while a dreadful prophecy has begun to unfold.
· May 2018 · for ,

A prophecy has finally been fulfilled. Jazrene Vallo’s ordained task to refashion the sisterhood is achieved when the Marium Kahnet become representatives in the Grand Assembly of the Mantis Alliance. Her relief and gratitude during this historic event is only multiplied when she learns that not all of her family members were killed during the Necrogog attack thirty years ago … one has survived.

But the joy of her reunion with her loved one is tempered when she receives reports that a faction of wayward sisters has joined a necromancer Order, the Saurcine. They plan to bring forth the Krevomax, the Tisrad Dragon’s messiah and the ultimate evil in the galaxy. Faced with no other alternative to combat this new threat, Jazrene Vallo activates the sisterhood’s elite warriors, the Criss Lumbra. Their mission—to seek out and destroy the spawn of the Tisrad Dragon. Failure to do so will unleash war and carnage across the universe on an unimaginable scale, and mean the end of the sisterhood Jazrene spent her whole life trying to save.

Book 3 of the Marium Kahnet series.

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