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Guided by his flaming sword, Truesilver, Kion will go to the end of the world to save his mother from the brutish haukmarn army.
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Kion and Tiryn have not heard from their mother since the war began. It’s all but certain she was captured by the haukmar army and Kion blames himself. Now with his flaming sword, Truesilver, at his side, he’ll take on a whole host of foes to get her back. He only hopes his sister—who won’t be left behind this time—doesn’t get hurt along the way.

But the paths and wilds of the Four Wards hold more than just the haukmar hordes. Dark beasts lurk in the shadows. A traitor haunts their steps. And strangest of all, it’s started to hail—though summer’s just begun. Will the world ever return to the way it once was? And what chilling adventure awaits down their path?

Read the second book in the epic Swordspeaker Saga series, a tale of legendary weapons and the heroes who wield them.

Book 2 of the The Swordspeaker Saga series.

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