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In this tale set on the 1700’s Yorkshire coast, Obadiah Demurral is a vicar set on gaining control of the highest power in the universe. The only people in his way are two children, Kate and Thomas. Fantasy for teen readers and older, by G.P. Taylor.
· April 2004 · for ,

And hope dawns …

“Home? If Demurral gets his way, none of us will have a home. When I touched the creature, I saw the place it had come from; I could see inside its mind.” Thomas paused and looked at Kate. “You don’t realize, Kate, Demurral has a plan for the future. If he succeeds, this world will be transformed beyond our understanding. Raphah told me that Demurral has a power that can call up the dead, control the wind and sea, and make those beasts in the glade follow his every word. There’s no going back; it is beyond our control.” …

Kate began to sob. “I want this to stop, I want to go back to how it was….I killed something tonight…I saw it die. It tried to kill you. Please, Thomas, make it stop. Make it stop.”

What can stand against an ancient evil?

What say you?