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Song Child

Vladan the merchant accompanies a mysterious young girl in her destiny to defeat an evil that threatens to destroy the world, and in so doing has to confront his own redemption.
· December 2023 · for ,

Her song will touch many, and some it will change forever.

Lost to both history and legend is the knowledge of when the Crown of Flames last blossomed in the world, but the merchant Vladan will see it blossom again and witness the unfolding destiny of its mysterious custodian, the young girl Devana.

Vladan of Yaruna is vain, cynical, and tortured by memories from his youth. At an unplanned stop after a small mishap on his riverboat, the merchant meets Devana and her sister and in no time at all he’s caught up not only in a quest to aid the young girl but also to redeem himself from the guilt of his own past.

Devana must heal a wound inflicted upon the world by the sorcerer Zmekosch who holds power over death itself, but the young girl has a power of her own — the gift of song. A gift that will change Vladan and the world about him forever.

A novella

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